Graphic design and illustration
at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Tegneserie om livet på KHiO

February 1st is the deadline for application to the masters programme

Publishing as a mode of expression

Drawing as critique of power

Inspired by islamic art and gothic churches.

Close to death

Alumni exhibiting at Høstutstillingen

Avgang 2018

The highlight of the year: Final exam presentations

Visuelt 2018

A printing workshop of one's own

Typography workshop: Minna Sakaria

Things To Do This Week

"Hyttetur" 2018

Design Talks Night: Siri Dokken


Application deadlines 2018

Portfolio exhibition at Open School Day

Exhibition: Input Output

Study trip to Tokyo

Study trip to Barcelona

Workshop at Biblo Tøyen

Kick-start 2017: Funfair of politics


Kebab Kårner

Happy Families


Open lecture with Kristoffer Borgli

Plastic bag landscapes

Pangstart (Kick-start): 16mm

Visuelt 2016

Book launch: Bøkenes hamskifte

Degree Shows 2016

Avgangsutstillinger 2016

Mennesker med håp for fremtiden

KHIO vs. Carl Barks

Hunden (The Dog)

Entrance exams 2016

The entrance exams are out!

The green ball

Lecture with Bastion

Design students do things they don't know

Narves1biblioteket is traveling to Bergen

Lecture with Carolina Laudon

Lecture with Samuel Nyholm


Open school

Reiseguide – book and exhibition

Nobody knows what a book is anymore

Christmas market

Lorem Ipsum

Lecture with Benjamin Critton

Gold and diplomas in the Visuelt Award show!

Kick-start: Nabokrangler

Lecture and workshop with Olivier Schrauwen

Application dates

Kick-start: Wikipedia

This is a project blog for Graphic Design and Illustration at the Oslo National Academy of Arts. We run a professionally oriented Bachelor programme. We are also part of a general Master programme in Design, which is more research-based and experimental. On these pages we present projects and news. The blog started in February 2015 and we update it continuously.

Artist's books

Paint Donald


Norwegian Building Blocks

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