Graphic design and illustration
at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts

Exhibition: Input Output

Lately, the BA3 students have been working on exploratory projects. Their exhibition opening was on December the 6th. Besides seeing the different results, the visitors could buy a riso printed booklet that the students had made together. The highlight of the evening was an improvised concert with live coded visuals by Thor Merlin.

  • Thor Merlin has written his own programme for live coding visuals. The music was performed by Birte Slettevold, Sean Bell, Ragnhild Moan and August Kann. The choir got instructions for what they should sing through their headphones from the composer Jo David Meyer Lysne.

Øistein Bergli has been working on a childrens book.

Nazash Ahmad has been exploring Pakistani truck art.

Kristian Santos Utrimark has been working on character development of a duck.

Thomas Karlsen has been working with posters, projection and projection on posters.

Karoline Bekkevold Bakke tried to re-discover the pleasure of drawing by working with clay.

Frederikke Becher has been exploring the newspaper.

Tatiana Klzh has spent her time remembering all her dead pets.

  • Text and photos: Ida Bakken